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Thread: playing dvd's with 2.6.10

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    playing dvd's with 2.6.10

    I'm having trouble playing dvd's with kernel 2.6.10. The video get's pauses in it, like it's reading alittle bit...... then playing alittle bit...... then reading alittle bit....................
    Also, 2.6.10 won't work with my mouse. It's a bluetooth mouse with a usb adapter (touchpad works).
    Touchpad doesn't work with 2.4.26 but the mouse does (dvd's play smoother with 2.4.26 also).
    I compiled in bluetooth and usb mouse support, which is why I can't figure out why the mouse doesn't work with 2.6.x. Not sure what I need to compile in for the dvd playback though.

    Gateway 7405gx laptop
    Amd 64 3200 processor
    multiformat dvd+- r/rw cd-r/rw burner
    512MB memory
    80 gb hd 4200 rpm
    Slackware 10

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    Re:playing dvd's with 2.6.10

    is mttr compiled into the kernel? also is DMA on? I have no issues at all.

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    Re:playing dvd's with 2.6.10

    Try setting up dma on your dvd drive.

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