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Thread: Solution for IDE -> USB?

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    Solution for IDE -> USB?

    Hey All

    I have a 60 gig IDE drive that used to be in my desktop. Well my desktop died, and if possible I'd like to use it with my laptop. I've heard that there are devices that will convert IDE to USB....just pop the IDE drive into an enclosure, and plug the enclosure into the USB port.

    Does anybody have any experience with this? I did a quick websearch and it would appear that these devices do exist; I'm wondering if they can be used with linux.

    Any recommendations on what to buy would be helpful.

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    Re:Solution for IDE -> USB?

    I know someone that has one of these, I'm 90% sure it's linux compatible, I'll try and find out for you.

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    Re:Solution for IDE -> USB?


    I believe it's linux compatible as well. There were a lot of posts about how to get your USB hard drive up and kicking, and I would assume it operates like a USB hard drive.

    Oh man I hope this works.

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    Re:Solution for IDE -> USB?

    Yeah, they work fine. I got mine at CompUSA. Shows up as a scsi device.

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    Re:Solution for IDE -> USB?

    Should work like any other USB Mass storage device I was told.

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