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Thread: NIC headache

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    NIC headache

    I've been using a Belkin NIC to connect my computer to my Motorola SurfBoard SB5100 modem since I began using Linux with suse 9.1 pro.

    The modem was originally connected in Windows via USB2 but when I set up to dual-boot, Linux did not like the USB2 conn at all, so I put in a NIC with cat5 cable and suse connected to the net right off.

    When I came in from work yesterday and booted up suse 9.2 it couldn't find the net and said *no network interface* during boot up.

    I thought at first it might be the NIC loose so I reinstalled the Belkin NIC and bingo connected to the web.

    The problem is that the same thing happened again today at boot-up and I reinstalled the card again. Now, I'll believe a PCI card can *creep* once, but two days running?

    I think the network card maybe kaput, has anyone had an experience like this?

    I'd sure appreciate some advice here please.

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    Re:NIC headache

    Is SuSE saving the network setup? Maybe I'm misunderstanding this...

    Are you just pulling the card out and then putting it back in again? Or do you re-create the netowrk interface EACH time?

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    Re:NIC headache

    Izan Seth,

    This is the one thing I am not sure about, in four months and with suse 9.1 pro and now with suse 9.2 pro the NIC has not been a problem, the network is found at boot time.

    Suddenly, yesterday I had to reinstall the card and today before suse found the net, but when I reinstall the card suse connects straight off.

    I'm suspecting the NIC is iffy but I do wonder if it's a configuration problem, I've no problem changing the NIC they're not expensive, if that is the cause

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    Re:NIC headache

    So you are just reinstalling the card using software... You're not actually opening up the case to re-seat the card?

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    Re:NIC headache

    Izan Seth,

    No software, the computer is being opened and the card is being reseated then the computer restarted. When the rig is booted, hitting Escape shows line by line the boot process as it happens.

    So, what is happening (or at least for the past two days) is that the computer is first booted, as the boot sequence progresses normally (I always watch the whole process to check) when it comes to detect the network connection it says *no network interface*

    At that point I shutdown, open the computer,reseat the card and bingo, when suse boots the net is set up.

    Dodgy NIC do you think?

    PS. I thought a NIC didn't require a driver it hasn't asked for a driver yet in Linux or Windows

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    Re:NIC headache

    [quote author=ripleyscat link=board=3;threadid=10191;start=#msg92142 date=1106937130]
    IPS. I thought a NIC didn't require a driver it hasn't asked for a driver yet in Linux or Windows

    Well if you were to do an "lsmod" you would probably see something in there pertaining to your network card. They are called modules in Linux and they are required for the kernel to use your hardware but some distros install the needed modules at initital OS setup and install time so you don't even know whats going on.

    As far as the NIC goes it may be a dodgy NIC but I really can't say for sure. I mean... This is a dual boot machine? Does windows erver complain or not get network connection? If there is loss in both windows and linux it very well may be a dodgy card otherwise it may be a configuration thing in SuSE 9.2 I haven't used that one so hopefully someone else could help you out with that.

    God luck man.

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    Re:NIC headache

    Izan Seth,

    Thanks for the input man, yes I do have a dual-boot rig here, but it's quite a while since I've booted into that side of the box, I mean who needs Windows when you've Linux to work with?

    My real problem is as far as Linux is concerned is that although I've learned a lot. I've realised that the more I know Linux, the more I need to know.

    At the moment I've got a big knowhow gap that needs filling, but give it time, and I'll get there.

    I appreciate the help though, I'm gonna' work on the basis that the NIC is duff, we'll see what happens with a new card.

    Regards R

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    Re:NIC headache

    I totally understand what you mean about the more you know the less you feel like you know. Anyway. Good luck with the NIC. It may not be as easy as plugging in the new NIC you MAY have to re-install SuSE 9.2 or learn the fun of modules and/or compiling your kernel. Anyway good luck let us know how it goes.

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    Re:NIC headache

    Izan Seth,

    Thought I'd let you know, I got myself a new NIC this morning, but first I thought I'd try changing the old NIC into a different PCI slot to see if it makes a difference.

    Suse picked up the network straight off at boot, so I'll run with that for a while to see what happens.

    Trouble with this kinda thing is that it's a percentage game more guesswork than a definite answer straight off.

    Troubleshooting stuff like this can be a real pain, but it's a great feeling when you crack the problem, and I will crack it!

    Thanks for the help!

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    Re:NIC headache

    Shoot I should have thought of that... Oh well I hope it works, G/L.

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