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    Xorg Config

    Does anybody know how to adjust the video modes in FBSD 5.3? I seem to have the small view. I would like to get about 1024x768.

    Is there some type of vidtune for FBSD?


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    Re:Xorg Config

    `xorgcfg -textmode'
    Freebie's and GNU/Linuxes user land are almost identical. Most of the skills you've learned on Linux can be transfered over to Freebie, and vice-versa.

    BASH is the same, Xorg is the same, GNOME is the same, KDE is the same, etcetera, etcetera. There are few exceptions such as the compiler and make, but you'll see those things soon enough.

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    Re:Xorg Config

    Thnx. Yes I know alot are similar but after doing a portupgrade my screen resolution looks smaller.

    Before I had to edit /etc/X11/xorg.conf and add 1024x768 and it looked better, now when I add it since the upgrade, it gives me a very small screen view with alot of black space around the whole window.

    I think I would have to add 800x600 which I really don't want.

    Btw I'm using XFCE4 as DE.

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