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Thread: Hey Canada!!!

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    New Jersey

    Hey Canada!!!

    could you please keep the cold air north of the border!!
    it's 12 friggin degres here in new jersey, it should NEVER be this cold for any reason!!

    thats -11 for everyone out side the US

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    Re:Hey Canada!!!

    -22C when I woke up this morning. I love it ;D

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    Re:Hey Canada!!!

    10 degrees F in MO. I hate it! >

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    Re:Hey Canada!!!

    -7 F ( -22 C) here....

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    Re:Hey Canada!!!

    Bah, wimps.
    -22C is nothing.
    -40C, however, would be too nipply for my taste, which is about how cold it was last night.
    Stupid weather.

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    Re:Hey Canada!!!

    Balmy 49 F here. Still, not the kind of temperature you would associate with Florida.

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    Re:Hey Canada!!!

    10F right now. Not too bad. Bring on that -80F. I took it like a man when I was 14. I can take it even moreso now.

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    Re:Hey Canada!!!

    43F Califronia It was in the 60Fs in Phoenix when I went there last week.

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    Re:Hey Canada!!!

    Here ya go keep yourself warm ;D

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    Re:Hey Canada!!!

    Not bad in VA but windy as fsck.

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