I hope this is the right place for this question?? I am trying to set up a dual boot system using XP and Debian 2.2r2.

What I am looking for is a detailed description of what exactly I need to do to get the system to boot to the OS I want at start up??

I currently have XP pro on one 80GB HD which is the primary master and I want to put Debian on a second 40GB drive that is the primary slave drive. What I need to know specifically is how to get the boot loader onto the XP drive before the 1024 limit. From what I understand the boot loader has to be on the first sector in order to work. Or is that only for older systems? I just built this system 6 months ago.

Now, how do I do that with XP already installed?? Can I put the loader on the XP drive with the drive already formatted?? How exactly would I do that?? ???

Thanks in advance for the help.