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Thread: linux newbie: KPPP problems

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    linux newbie: KPPP problems

    I am using Fedora Core-2. I am not able to connect to web when using the kppp but is able to do the same when system-network -config is used. please help me

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    Re:linux newbie: KPPP problems

    Are there any messages returned - like - can not start ppp0 ?

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    Re:linux newbie: KPPP problems

    there are no messages. it merely says that home cannot be found

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    Re:linux newbie: KPPP problems

    Would you mind writing down the exact error message?

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    Re:linux newbie: KPPP problems

    the message is cannot connect to

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    Re:linux newbie: KPPP problems

    i have rectified the problem by adding DNS number in the column.
    thank you for your guidance

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