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Thread: Red Hat installation prob

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    Red Hat installation prob

    First let me say that I know JACK about linux. I'm a software programmer with no linux experience so I decided that I had better get with it and learn a li'l something. Anyway, I bought a "Red Hat Linux 8.0 for DUMMIES " book and I can't even get it installed. I'm trying to install it on a dell inspiron 5150 laptop w/ P4 2.8ghz and 512 mb RAM. I decide to go w/ a dual boot, so I partitioned my hard drive and all went well. When I lbooted from the installation cd, I get the RED HAT installation screen w/ these options:
    - install with x window GUI
    - install with text

    I've tried bot and the install keeps freezing in the same spot:
    "calibrating APIC timer....
    "......CPU Clock Speed is 2790.7722 Mhz.
    "...... host bus clock speed is 0.00000 Mhz.
    "cpu: 0, clocks: 0,slice: 0"
    Thats it, nothing else it just stops. Can someone please help me, I'm completely lost, I don't even know anyone who is vaguely farmiliar with Linux. Any and all help is GREATLY appreciated. Thanks in Advance.

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    Re:Red Hat installation prob


    I think it might be some bug with Red Hat 8 (Red Hat 8 is quite old by now...)

    You might want to give Red Hat 9 a try ( you can get it from free from or to the newer Red Hat flavor of Fedora Core ( ) .

    Here is a link of someone installing Red Hat 9 on that same laptop you have:

    If you can't download a newer version, perhaps you can post on the flea market area. We have many users who are always willing to burn you a copy for free.


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    Re:Red Hat installation prob

    Also, google has many entries of people using Red Hat 9 and up with that laptop:

    Inspiron 5150 Red Hat

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