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Thread: Fav. music format. .ogg .mp3 .aac ...

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    Re:Fav. music format. .ogg .mp3 .aac ...

    You know, speaking of different formats this seems like a good time to share.

    Here's a script that rips cds and converts them to MP3s exactly the way I like it. It will create the directory "Artist/Title" and fill it with approximately 192kbps-average VBR mp3s. Nothing special, but rather than find a little tool on the net I figured I'd write my own.

    Save it in a file and type "python filename"

    import os
    import re
    import sys
    import string
    import commands
    import CDDB, DiscID
    # Some buffers to hold information we'll need
    artist = ""
    title = ""
    tracks = []
    nullLookup = 0
    startDir = os.getcwd()
    # get a single character from STDIN
    def getch ():
        # from ASPN
        import sys, tty, termios
        fd = sys.stdin.fileno()
        old_settings = termios.tcgetattr(fd)
            ch =
            termios.tcsetattr(fd, termios.TCSADRAIN, old_settings)
        return ch
    def queryCDDB():
        # get info from CD
        cdrom =
        disc_id = DiscID.disc_id(cdrom)
        # query CDDB
        (query_status, query_info) = CDDB.query(disc_id)
        # single match
        if query_status == 200:
            char = ""
            (read_status, read_info) =['category'], query_info['disc_id'])
            for i in range(disc_id[1]):
                print "Track %.02d: %s" % (i+1, read_info['TTITLE' + `i`])
            print "\nPress [Enter] to continue, 'q' to quit: "
            while char != '\r':
                char = getch()
                if char == 'q':
                    print "\n"
                elif char == '\r':
                    for i in range(disc_id[1]):
                        tracks.append("%.02d_____%s" % (i+1, read_info['TTITLE' + `i`]))
                    s = re.match("(.+?)\s+/\s+(.+)", query_info['title'])
                    global artist
                    artist =
                    global title
                    title =
        # multiple matches
        elif query_status == 210 or query_status == 211:
            char = ""
            while char != '\r':
                entryString = ""
                print "Multiple CDDB Entries Found.\n"
                print "ID:\tArtist / Album\n"
                for i in range(len(query_info)):
                    printStr = "%s:\t" % str(i)
                    printStr += query_info[i]['title']
                    print printStr
                print "\nEnter ID, and press 'Enter' to select this entry, or 'v' to view the track listing\n\n\
                eg. '0v' or '1[Enter]' or 'q' to quit\n"
                sys.stdout.write("Selection: ")
                char = ""
                # construct the id number...ignore everything except digits, "v", and "[Enter]"
                while ( char != 'v' and char != '\r' ):
                    if re.match("^[0-9]$", char):
                        entryString += char
                    elif re.match("^q$", char):
                        print "\n"
                    char = getch()
                # immediately store a copy of the user's selected option and free char for later use
                option = char
                char = ""
                # do not permit null entries or invalid numbers
                if (entryString == "" or int(entryString) > len(query_info)-1):
                # regardless of whether "v" or "[Enter]" was pressed, print out the chosen album info 
                (read_status, read_info) =[int(entryString)]['category'],\
                print "\n"
                print query_info[int(entryString)]['title']+"\n"
                for i in range(disc_id[1]):
                    print "Track %.02d: %s" % (i+1, read_info['TTITLE' + `i`])
                print "\nPress [Enter] to continue, 'q' to quit. "
                while ( char != "\r" ):
                    char = getch()
                    if char == 'q':
                # if the user selected the option to choose the specified track, grab the info
                if option == '\r':
                    s = re.match("(.+?)\s+/\s+(.+)", query_info[int(entryString)]['title'])
                    global artist
                    artist =
                    global title
                    title =
                    for i in range(disc_id[1]):
                        tracks.append("%.02d_____%s" % (i+1, read_info['TTITLE' + `i`]))
        elif query_status == 202 or query_status == 403:
            # no match found :(
            char = ""
            if query_status == 403:
                print "ERROR: Database entry is corrupt!  Cannot obtain disc info.\n"
            print "No matches found :(\n"
            print "Press [Enter] to continue or 'q' to quit"
            while char != '\r' and char != 'q':
                char = getch()
            if char == 'q':
            if char == '\r':
                global nullLookup,artist,title
                artist = "Unknown Artist"
                title = "Unknown Title"
                nullLookup = 1
        elif query_status == 409:
            raise RuntimeError, "ERROR: No handshake with CDDB server.  Possible client-side error.\n"
    def ripTracks():
        # grab the output of cdparanoia query so that we can make sure we have the right number of tracks
        data = commands.getoutput("cdparanoia -Q")
        array  = string.split(data, "\n")
        i = 0
        # count the number of lines that start with a few spaces, and a number followed by a period...these are tracks
        for line in array:
            if re.match("\s+\d+\..+", line):
                i = i+1
        if i != len(tracks) and nullLookup == 0:
            raise RuntimeError, "Number of tracks on CD does not match CDDB info!\nCD: %s, CDDB: %s\n"\
            % (str(i),str(len(tracks)))
            # Numbers match up.  Create the destination directory and cwd to it
            if os.path.exists("%s/%s" % (artist,title)):
                print "Path '%s/%s' already exists!\n\nPress [Enter] to remove it, or 'q' to quit\n" % (artist,title)
                char = getch()
                if char == "\r":
                    os.system("rm -rf \"%s\"" % artist)
                elif char == 'q':
            os.makedirs("%s/%s/%s" % (startDir,artist,title))
            os.chdir("%s/%s/%s" % (startDir,artist,title))
            # begin cd extraction
            print "Starting Extraction from CD...\n"
            syscall = os.system("cdparanoia -B --never-skip=40")
            if syscall != 0:
                raise RuntimeError, "cdparanoia returned non-zero exit status! %s" % syscall
    def encodeMP3s():
        os.chdir("%s/%s/%s" % (startDir,artist,title))
        files = os.listdir(".")
        for file in files:
            s = re.match("track(\d+).cdda\.wav", file)
            trackNumberCD =
            #temporarily store the ##_____Title format in trackTitle
            if nullLookup == 1:
                trackTitle = str(trackNumberCD)+"_____Track"+str(trackNumberCD)
                trackTitle = tracks[int(trackNumberCD)-1]
            # ensure cdparanoia and cddb track numbers match
            # also extract actual trackTitle
            (trackNumberCDDB,trackTitle) = string.split(trackTitle, "_____")
            if trackNumberCDDB != trackNumberCD:
                raise RuntimeError, "CDDB track number: %s\nCD track number: %s\n" \
                % (tracknumberCDDB,tracknumberCD)
            mp3file = '"'+trackNumberCDDB+" - "+trackTitle+'.mp3"'
            cmd = 'lame --ta "%s" --tl "%s" --tn "%s" --tt "%s" --preset standard %s %s' % (artist,title,trackNumberCDDB,trackTitle,file,mp3file)
            print "Beginning conversion...%s\n" % file
            print "Artist: %s" % artist
            print "Album: %s" % title
            print "Track Number: %s" % trackNumberCDDB
            print "Track Title: %s\n" % trackTitle
            print 'Command: %s\n' % cmd
            syscall = os.system(cmd)
            if syscall != 0:
                raise RuntimeError, "lame returned non-zero exit status! %" % syscall
    os.chdir("%s/%s/%s" % (startDir,artist,title))
    os.system("rm *.wav")
    EDIT: Fixed broken case where only one match found. Sorry

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    Re:Fav. music format. .ogg .mp3 .aac ...

    [quote author=pbharris link=board=14;threadid=10140;start=0#msg91927 date=1105983945]
    I dunno - revolution number 11 sounded great in acc format , and inagaddadavita was pretty sweet in mp3 format.

    i briefly considered lighting up some illicit material to see what would have the bigger influence on me while i was under the influence, then remembered i don't do that stuff.

    then i listened to the Smetana's 'The Moldau' in ogg format - scratched my hiney and went to bed.

    There's nothing quite like comparing high quality tunes on high quality equipment while high on nefarious combustibles

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    Re:Fav. music format. .ogg .mp3 .aac ...

    Oh one more thing. In order for the script to work you'll probably need this: . Just copy the files to /usr/lib/python or wherever your python libraries are stored and you should be good to go

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    Re:Fav. music format. .ogg .mp3 .aac ...

    I prefer mp3, myself. I have a cd/mp3 player and am planning on buying an iPod shuffle (the 1gig version). Myself, I can't tell the difference in quality between the different formats. Part of it is because I've done some serious damage to my hearing, thanks mostly to lots of gun shots, explosions, and jet engines. Gotta love being able to play with toys that either go BOOM! or Vroom! Unfortunately, you pay for the opportunity to play.


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    Re:Fav. music format. .ogg .mp3 .aac ...

    [quote author=stryder144 link=board=14;threadid=10140;start=0#msg92178 date=1107212785]
    am planning on buying an iPod shuffle (the 1gig version).
    I'm hoping that a 3rd party version comes out, $150 is a little steep for 1GB these days.

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