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Thread: Live CDs and Modems

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    Live CDs and Modems

    Does anybody know if any livecds detects a telephone modem during it's hardware detection phase? If so which distro have you tried?

    I guess it doesn't matter what type of modem, but if you have one, let us know.


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    Re:Live CDs and Modems

    All of the mature ones. There was a slackware based one, knoppix, and a freebsd one. they all did it fine. I would stick with knoppix, but ...

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    Re:Live CDs and Modems

    Thnx Schotty.

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    Re:Live CDs and Modems

    if you have a pci modem you can see whats been detected by typing


    look through the output and see if you identify your modem
    here's mine...

    0000:02:0c.0 Serial controller: 5610 56K FaxModem 56K FaxModem Model 5610 (rev 01)

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