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Thread: Disabling Mandrake Galaxy?

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    Disabling Mandrake Galaxy?

    Hi, Everyone,

    It's been a while - been busy moving to a new job...

    Got a problem similar to the one I had with KDM under Red Hat a while back...

    Using KDE's Icons settings has no effect on KDE in Mandrake 10.0.
    More especially, they've made it difficult to change the look of the Panel (Kicker) "K" Menu, but it'd be nice if the desktop icons would change like they are supposed to, too.

    I know the trick is going to be in some obscure and obfuscated script somewhere in a backwater directory that doesn't *even* conform to LHFS or any other open-source standard. Okay, I'll stop kvetching for now.

    Anybody got a clue?


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    Re:Disabling Mandrake Galaxy?

    Hi, Gang,

    No, I haven't figured this out on my own yet, but certain events have transpired which led me to trash Mandrake 10 and install Fedora Core 3 instead.

    What I did find of interest is in the Official KDE Documentation at the KDE website - anyone interested in customizing KDE should look especially at "KDE For System Administrators" - good stuff.

    Later ON,

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