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Thread: No room on HD/ need partitions?

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    No room on HD/ need partitions?

    hello, I'm new at the linux end of knowledge. I am working with a 60 gig HD, so space shouldn't be an issue. The operating system is Redhat linux professional. 7.2. Recommended space for a full install is: 4.5 gig on the HD and 96 MB of memory. My ram is 256.
    The operating system loads without a problem. During installation I choose to automatically partition the harddrive. So I haven't opened disk druid. After the install the directory looks like the example below:

    /dev/hda1- 1 6 47 ext3 /boot Yes
    /dev/hda2- 7 5367 42061 ext3 /user Yes
    /dev/hda3- 5369 7329 15383 ext3 /home Yes
    /dev/hda4- 7330 7476 1153 Extended
    /dev/hda5- 7330 7378 384 / Yes
    /dev/hda6- 7379 7411 259 /var Yes
    /dev/hda7- 7412 7476 510 swap

    This is why I believe I have a problem. When I start to load OfficeStar 5.2, (the full option) I recieve an error regarding not enough space. The full package is 265.1 MB.
    Linux wants to put this program on: /root/officestar52.
    Do I have to create a new directory for everything I want ot add to the existing directory? Looking at the numbers above the /user directory is huge. Can anyone respond on a solution? Should I reload the entire operating system and choose Disk Druid? And if so what size directories should I use. I had planned on setting up 3 users for this machine. Administrator, home user and an internet user.
    If any other information is needed please email me. Thanks Greg

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    Re:No room on HD/ need partitions?

    the user directory should be usr. The reason it is saying there is not enough room in the root directory is because that is a quite small partition, 384 sectors which is probably around 300 MB.

    What I would do in you situation is install the latest version of the community version of red hat - aka feddcore core III. Set up the partitions abit differently - I have mine set up like this:

    ext3 /dev/hda1- / contains /boot and /usr, make this big ~ 15 G
    ext3 /dev/hda2- /home also make this big ~ 15 G
    ext3 /dev/hda3- /var make around 1 G
    /dev/hda4- extended
    ext3 /dev/hda5- /usr/local many extra programs install here, e.g. games size should be rest of drive - swap space
    swap /dev/hda6 - swap space

    here is a pet one using fdisk ->

    fedora core III can be downloaded for free from here:

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