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Thread: Christmas Gloat 2004

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    Christmas Gloat 2004

    So what did everyone get for christmas this year?

    My parents payed for one of my flight lessons aaand I got

    Gamecube games:
    Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker
    Prince of Persia: Warrior Within
    Time Keepers 2 (gonna trade it in for Resident Evil)

    Edwin McCain - Tinsel And Tapshoes cd/dvd
    Goo Goo Dolls - Live In Buffalo July 4th 2004 cd/dvd

    and other assorted smalltime goodies. plus im eating a big fat turkey, stuffing and mashed potatoes. ;D

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    Re:Christmas Gloat 2004

    foosball table plus stuff my kiddies made me.

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    Re:Christmas Gloat 2004

    I got
    Ashanti's new cd
    a 2nd PS2 and gamecube controller
    $50 gift cert for A&B Sound
    too much candy
    a small replica of a Supra and Skyline

    plus dinner with more then 30Items on the table

    ;D ;D

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    Re:Christmas Gloat 2004

    My favorite present is this one:
    I got it from my parents (yeah, I picked it out, but still). And to my delight it works in Linux (SuSE 9.2). Now I can convert all my old VHS tapes to DVD or record HD channels form my cable box. Happy days!

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    Re:Christmas Gloat 2004

    Let's see.
    I got $80
    A revision 1.0 Xbox (Gonna put Linux on it soon enough)
    Halo 2
    A memory foam pillow for my neck.
    And a dying cpu fan :'(

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    Re:Christmas Gloat 2004

    This was one of the most expensive Christmas' I've ever been involved in.

    Nearly $1800 worth of desert equipment, courtesy of the US Gov't (thanks, Uncle Sam)
    $533 - Apple iBook
    $75 - Palm Zire 71
    The Return of the King Extended DVD Boxed Set
    A John Deere Tractor tree ornament
    A steering wheel cover
    A compact screwdriver/socket driver set
    A glass eagle statuette
    A vasectomy
    A shirt
    A gift certificate
    A fleece jacket
    Some cologne
    A silvery flashlight/knife keychain combo (love to airport security's reaction to that!)
    A Crash Bandicoot GBA game

    Oh, and a partridge in a pear tree!


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    Re:Christmas Gloat 2004

    2 pairs of jeans
    2 sweaters
    Money for a pair of shoes (much needed since I wore my beloved old pair completely out)
    An extreme amount of new socks (an insider joke from the in-laws)
    Faithless - No roots
    Super Size Me
    (although I think I'll exchange these two for the extended edition of Return of the King)

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    Re:Christmas Gloat 2004

    [quote author=stryder144 link=board=17;threadid=10096;start=0#msg91456 date=1104046637]
    Nearly $1800 worth of desert equipment, courtesy of the US Gov't (thanks, Uncle Sam)
    Are you going on a tour?

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    Re:Christmas Gloat 2004

    just got these in the mail from GF

    Hellboy directors cut
    Digital Photography For Dummies
    Golden Eye: Rouge Agent (PS2)

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    Re:Christmas Gloat 2004

    I'm having a delayed Christmas... told my parents I was ditching to Florida for the vast majority of my vacation. So far I've gotten...

    Candy (some was homemade, gotta love friends with skill and time on their hands)
    Satin Hands set (Mary Kay)
    Spa kit
    Pair of sandals
    Deaf Culture book
    Sixth Sandman Comic

    and I bought myself a little cactus and we're picking up some homemade pumpkin flan soon. Mmm... I might get handed a slightly used MP3 player, since Trickster now has a real nice cd player that actually works in his new car.

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