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My Xmas Gift
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Thread: My Xmas Gift

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    My Xmas Gift

    So I bought myself a xmas gift (well, not really, but my car was dying, so I took the plunge.)


    I'm excited!!

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    Re:My Xmas Gift

    i'm out of a word

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    Re:My Xmas Gift

    is that a red Scion tC next to it?

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    Re:My Xmas Gift

    [quote author=coltrane link=board=17;threadid=10089;start=0#msg91398 date=1103867270]
    is that a red Scion tC next to it?

    yup, I wish we had those here ;D

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    Re:My Xmas Gift

    I need a new car. Mine is falling apart. I can't afford to pay for a car and pay for rent. Damn california real estate market..

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    Re:My Xmas Gift

    I think it was an Acura, but I am not sure.

    I had a 97 Mustang, but the transmision started failing and the odometer was busted, lots of noises, etc.
    Was a good car, though. But I put too much strain on it.

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    Re:My Xmas Gift


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    Re:My Xmas Gift


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    Re:My Xmas Gift

    Dude! That is sweet! I really love how Ford has managed to modernize their classics. They are fresh and new but somehow have a familiar look to them. Very nice!


    is one of the gifts that I am getting. I will be going to the Middle East next month, so this should get me through some long flights. I'm going to put Ubuntu on it right after I fire it up and make sure that it works properly.

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    Re:My Xmas Gift

    Only one question about the car:
    is it a stickshift?

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