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Thread: How to fix my memory

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    Re:How to fix my memory

    [quote author=boblucci link=board=17;threadid=10086;start=0#msg91381 date=1103728400]
    tie a string around your finger, it will remind you you have something to do.


    Or piss you off about having string on your finger

    For me to remember things, I have the think about them for twenty minutes at least an hour before they happen.

    Maybe some meditation on your plans for the rest of the day every few hours could help?

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    Re:How to fix my memory

    [quote author=Lovechild link=board=17;threadid=10086;start=0#msg91377 date=1103715046]
    I'm forgetting the basics, like taking out food from the freezer for dinner..
    I am not quite there. But sometimes my memory is really bad. My bro gets a kick out of it.

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    Re:How to fix my memory

    write stuff to remember on the back of your left hand (if your a righty)
    this works every time ......except if you wash it off accidently.
    also, investigate brain - function improving drugs, two of the wellest known are ritalin and aricept.

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