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Thread: USB Drive on Fedora

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    USB Drive on Fedora

    big greating from mongolia.

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    help me

    big greating from mongolia. i am trying to install usb flash disk into fedora.
    i need install driver or something like this. please somebody help me.

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    Re:USB Drive on Fedora


    I renamed your topic, so you can get a better response.

    What version of Fedora are you using?

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    Re:USB Drive on Fedora

    hello ganbold,
    i had no issues at all with my USB flash drive. When I plug it in the modules (aka drivers) were loaded w/o issue.

    Open a terminal and type mount -t vfat /dev/sda1 /mnt/flash0 and hopefully that works. This assumes that you do not have any other SCSI drives and the directory /mnt/flash0 exists. What trickster said will also help us.

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