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Thread: Too boring ....

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    Too boring ....

    Man, nothing much is going on in online world .... It's getting boring.

    Time to move on to some other interests like painting my hardwood desk with new coating, cabling my network to move into my garage, finishing up christimas lighting and playing with my pet rabbits. So, enjoy and see you guys around.

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    Re:Too boring ....

    [quote author=Compunuts link=board=17;threadid=10018;start=0#msg90873 date=1101673240]
    It's getting boring.

    I hear you. Linux was more fun when I was fumbling and stumbling all over the place. You know nothing like learning something new for the first time.

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    Re:Too boring ....

    Maybe it's time the LJR community picked up some kind of project...

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    Re:Too boring ....

    [quote author=Countach44 link=board=17;threadid=10018;start=0#msg90877 date=1101678852]
    Maybe it's time the LJR community picked up some kind of project...

    Yeah - Maybe something..

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    Re:Too boring ....

    Maybe less maybes?

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    Re:Too boring ....

    Anyone have anything in mind?

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    Re:Too boring ....

    our own distro ;D

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    Re:Too boring ....

    The idea was brought up over at LNO back in the day. It never did get past the "And it should have feature X too!" stage.

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    Re:Too boring ....

    [quote author=The Great Mojo Jojo link=board=17;threadid=10018;start=0#msg90883 date=1101688838]
    our own distro ;D

    like the world needs another distro.. no we need talented people working on other projects, like SystemServices, GNOME Storage, OpenOffice, GNOME... and so on.

    It would be cool if we could set up a profiling database to provide real world meassurements for developers to turn to for optimzation or something like that, and it would be a fairly simple project.

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    Re:Too boring ....

    [quote author=Lovechild link=board=17;threadid=10018;start=0#msg90897 date=1101731024] talented people[/quote]
    That's a good one :'(

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