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Thread: Suggestion to any interested : New forum for common issues

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    Re:Suggestion to any interested : New forum for common issues

    [quote author=Schotty link=board=18;threadid=10017;start=0#msg91283 date=1103395875]
    [quote author=cloverm link=board=18;threadid=10017;start=0#msg91247 date=1103224848]
    The only problem I see with that is that the already long list of boards will get even longer. But if you guys think it's worth it, I'll work on it.

    Yeah, but only if there is that much demand.

    I see only about six or seven:

    Linux From Scratch
    FreeBSD (I had to throw that one in there ;D )

    I mean are there really any other uber-poular ones? I dont think that a section for whitebox, RHEL, Knoppix, or Peanut are really warranted since there is no need (whitebox/RHEL == Fedora almost) or has no fanbase to substantiate finding a maintainer and soforth.

    I would be supised to see more than 10. Very suprised. I know more people that run Fedora or Mandrake only because it worked for a buddy really well and they want to have something like them for tech support reasons.

    I agree with all of them, but you're kinda missing Gentoo. All we need is core distros. Knoppix is based on Debian so it can go under Debian. Slax is based on Slack, so it can go under slack, etc, etc. So - yeah. Gentoo and that list will be full.

    But Schotty, wouldn't you think the sub-forums are better though.
    I was thinking what compunuts was saying:

    It's maybe time to move on to other forum software.
    and SMF provides that feature and /all/ the ones we have now.

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    Re:Suggestion to any interested : New forum for common issues

    By the by... SMF has reached 1.0 Final

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