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Thread: Via Soundcard Onboard

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    Re:Via Soundcard Onboard

    Well - i realized that sound was from my dummy card (the one in the kernel).. and dummys are not recognized by any media player... so now I have sound - but like previously, i have really low sound.. Cannot hear a thing..

    Google didn't help and I've tried everythig i can but cannot get it.. If anyone else has the same problem, try all thest (none worked for me though):

    alsamixer: set your volumes high.

    modprobe snd-via82xx ( dxs_support=(4|2|1|-1|0) | ac97_quirk=0 | snd_ac97_clock=48000 | snd_enable=1 | snd_index=0 )

    i ran out of ideas as of now...

    [Edit 2]
    More ideas for those who face the same problem:

    try setting acpi to off:
    pci=noacpi acpi=off

    and still NO luck with my sound probs..


    BTW - I'm just recordign all these so that one of these might work for some one ..

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    Re:Via Soundcard Onboard

    I have an via 8237 sound card too. Anyone knows how to make work 4 speakers ?

    I'm using Slackware 10.2 with kernel 2.6.13 (alsa 1.0.9b).

    2 speakers works fine, but I get no sound on the others (They are all connected).

    And it works fine under windowsxp(arghhh).

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    Re:Via Soundcard Onboard

    hello oliver,
    it should be working -

    may wish to make sure you are a member of the proper alsa group for your distro (alsabase ?)

    [Paul - I fixed the link - Jim]

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    Re:Via Soundcard Onboard

    It might be the audio group in Slackware.

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    Re:Via Soundcard Onboard

    Well, it is the audio group in Slackware but I don't think this is the problem. It is set for all users and I have the usual audio output working and the microphone input too. (used with skype for linux and works great).

    I only don't get the subwoofer output to work in Linux. In Windows, it works great.

    Slackware 10.2 with test26.s image
    alsa-modules 1.0.9b installed
    kernel-headers installed
    kernel-modules installed
    Sound via vt1617 (chipset 8237)

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    Re:Via Soundcard Onboard

    I'd say try downloading, compiling and installing the latest version of alsa-modules from the link that Paul posted.

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