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Thread: R.I.P. VHS

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    R.I.P. VHS

    I won't shed a tear. I've always hated VHS, but there wasn't any real alternative for the longest time. I'm just waiting for my cable company to release their HD-compatible DVR to ditch my VCRs.

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    Re:R.I.P. VHS

    VCRs are dead, I personally haven't used one in years.

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    Re:R.I.P. VHS

    Agreed. Good riddance. Come to think of it, I hate all physical media. VHS, DVD, CD, USB sticks...all of them. See, I have a tremendous amount of crap to carry around. Wallet, keys, cell phone, mp3 player, laptop, books, papers, food, coffee mug...and I'm a really really disorganized guy. The LAST thing I need is more loose crap flying around.

    Whenever possibly I try to get by with a local copy of all my physical media. All new cds are ripped directly onto my box and properly tagged before I even listen to them. The cd is then tucked away where I never have to see it. DVDs are too big to rip and keep around on my hard drive, but I would if I could.


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