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Thread: WiFi Connection

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    WiFi Connection

    I recently setup a wireless net connection using a Dlink router and Dlink pc card for my laptop. Everything seems to be connected fine, the router is on my tower system.

    Only problem is after setting up the laptop, it works fine, both accessing the internet and the tower as Admin, but when I login the laptop as a normal user, the wifi is not active. One message say "the cable is not connected".

    Any ideas on what is wrong or how I can make it active as regular user?

    Tower is running Windows XP Pro and laptop using Windows 2000.


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    Re:WiFi Connection

    I just done a few weeks ago for my friend with Dlink as well. Sorry to say but Dlink seems to be a crappy MFG ( you get what you pay for, I guess ). They are configured differently and it's specific to Dlink's own software set up rather than Wifi in general.

    So what I taught my friend is to disconnect and connect it again to make sure the connection works since it's easy (just click on D icon at system tray, view available networks, then hit either connect or disconnect). His problem is that the network would connect fine but it won't allow for Net connection. Only disconnecting manually and re-connecting solved the problem. He is using WEP.

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    Re:WiFi Connection

    I think it might have to do witht he regular user not being able to renew an ip lease. Check rights.

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    Re:WiFi Connection

    I will try the permission thing.

    What about security with wifi? What are some steps i can take?

    Also, I forgot to add, I can't ping from either machine. I get the timeout error, but from the laptop I can view the tower shares as Admin.


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    Re:WiFi Connection

    If you have XP SP2, the built-in firewall would block ping attempts, unless you specify it on the firewall configuration.

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    Re:WiFi Connection

    Thnx again Trickster. No I don't have SP2 on the xp machine.

    Here is another security link.

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    Re:WiFi Connection

    I still haven't gotten it to work with regular user. I created another user with Admin rights and everything works fine. It will due till I can sort things out more.

    But I am able to ping both tower & laptop ip addresses.

    Thnx. again!

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