Story by Jon Biddell

Editor's Note : Somewhere in an alternate universe, there's a Linux user group called the WFTL-LUG. As with many such groups, we occasionally get into discussions about which Linux distribution is your favorite, much like car buffs discussing whether an Acura trumps a Mercedes. You might also recall that we ran a very spirited poll on this website a little while ago on that very subject. So I put out a challenge. I asked if people loved their distro of choice enough to champion it in a series of documents that cover an intro to that distribution, installation tips, and package installation help. Jon Biddell was first off the mark with his introduction to Libranet. -- Marcel Gagné

Many many moons ago I was, sadly, a Windows user. And I was miserable. The servers I managed were running NT4 and had to be rebooted once a month, my personal workstation needed reboots daily, and more often than not several times a day.

I started “playing with” Linux in 1998, looking for something with more inherent stability and configurability than Windows had at the time, and was led into what could only be described as the “dark arts” of Debian. An extremely powerful distribution of Linux, but not for the faint-hearted or the new Linux user. So I eventually settled firstly on SuSE, and then Mandrake.

Pretty graphics, reasonably easy installation, good mixture of programs, but still something was missing. There was no “meat”, nothing that would allow me to easily make it MY operating system.

In 2003 I read about this thing called Libranet in, I believe, Linux Journal. I had tried a few other distros such as Lycoris and Lindows (now Linspire – thanks Bill !!), but nothing seemed to grab me the way Libranet did.

I downloaded version 2.7, which was their free version at the time, and it would be fair to say that life hasn't been the same since. I quickly purchased version 2.8.1 for the princely sum of $CA30, and here is where the real love affair with Libranet began for me.

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