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Thread: Fedora Core Release 3 Released

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    Re:Fedora Core Release 3 Released

    I tried installing FC3 on my system and everywent fine.. after the first-boot configuration, it's supposed to let me into gnome - nope - the screen blanks out and i try Ctrl + Alt + Backspace but nothing works. Very disappointed that I couldn't try it.

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    Re:Fedora Core Release 3 Released

    I started a thread for oddball issues that are just quirks with new software not working as pleasantly as previously. FC3 adds, from what I see, alot of new and great features. Unfortunately, they cant control nVIDIA (one of the main oddities that I see people run into) or any other closed source driver. Plus there is that problem with the prelinker not updating properly for many when certian libs are updated.

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    Re:Fedora Core Release 3 Released

    [quote author=ender link=board=19;threadid=9958;start=0#msg90821 date=1101499973]
    [quote author=Lovechild link=board=19;threadid=9958;start=0#msg90317 date=1099936082]
    [quote author=Tyr_7BE link=board=19;threadid=9958;start=0#msg90314 date=1099933778]
    Who's Heidelberg?


    Every Fedora Core release is named after a city, this one is a german one - the home of the first european Linux conference as I recall.

    Actually not really. Some of the names just happen to be Cities because trademark friendlieness. In reality, every name has a link to the previous name and the next name, however that link can't be the same thing. Have fun figuring out the links (:

    basically RedHat have a strange sense of humor.

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    Re:Fedora Core Release 3 Released

    Yep. Red Hat and those closely around them. In fact I do believe that the current name was proposed by somebody outside Red Hat.

    The naming of FC4 may have a twist to it. Either 4 or 5. Stay tuned.. (:

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