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Thread: Good morning

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    Good morning

    I haven't been here in a while... I haven't been anywhere in a while it feels like. Oh, well.

    Good morning everyone! Its a nice crisp autumn day up here in the Midwest. Heading off for some free breakfast, Yah!

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    Re:Good morning

    Good morning FaeStars

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    Re:Good morning

    Hey FaeStars, nice to see you around.

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    Re:Good morning


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    Re:Good morning


    No such thing as a free lunch, breakfast seems to be a different story...

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    Re:Good morning

    She is alive!!!!!!!

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    Re:Good morning

    Good day to you!

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    Re:Good morning


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    Re:Good morning

    Hi FaeStars

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    Re:Good morning

    Hehehe Hello, everyone. :^D

    Free breakfast was courtesty of my college's foundation. It was to recognize the many private donors who pay money for our Student Ambassador program since we can't be funded by the state.

    If you countt that I gave my time to go there I guess it wasn't free. :P But it does go towards the 35 hours I gotta put into the semester to get paid.

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