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Thread: Importing old thunderbird e-mail

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    Importing old thunderbird e-mail

    Hello everyone,

    I seem to be having some wierd problems lately. Anyhow, the latest is that I just got a new PC and now I want to move over all the old e-mail from the other pc to the new one. I have located the folder with the mail contents but when I zipped it up sent it over to the new PC

    1) There was no way to import Old Thunderbird email >
    2) I tried Eudora mail and I gave it the location of the files but then it said no mail was found >

    WTF I don't get it... I can't just plop those mailbox files into the folder on the new PC because I have new email in this one already. Very frustrating!! PLEASE HELP!! :-\

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    Re:Importing old thunderbird e-mail

    Just in case someone else has the same problem I'm going to post my fix for this.

    Seeing as how I didn't use the Local folders for any of the new mail and kept all the mail in it own "account" on both PCs (but the only thing that matters here is the new PC portion.) all I did was copy the mail folders in to the local mail folder. Oh yeah and the mail boxes are found in (in windows anyway)
    C:\Documents and Settings\User\Application Data\Thunderbird\Profiles\zfgsoel6.default\Mail\

    Seeing as how I wanted to use the Local Folders portion of Thunderbird go in to the Local Folders folder and paste the old mail file in here. Restart Thunderbird and do what you will with all of that mail.

    Let me know if anything is unclear I'm trying to get ready to go to bed so things may not make sense.

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    Re:Importing old thunderbird e-mail

    Thunderbird uses regular mbox format for email. you should be able to access it with any app that reads mbox.

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    Re:Importing old thunderbird e-mail

    Right... I read that on some site I googled for. So when there wasn't an option to import old Thunderbird e-mail I refered to what that same site told me, that Eudora also used the mbox format and that it could be used to import mail from Thunderbird to Outlook, so I figured that I would be able to use that option in Thunderbird as well... not the case :'( It kept saying no mailboxes found. At least I got something to work.

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