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Thread: decent site to have a home page

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    decent site to have a home page

    hi folks - anyone know a decent site where i can have my home page - or at least throw up boat loads of files ? i don't mine paying a small amount of cash - but i don't want people to have to deal with adds and i would hope it would it was running on linux. i don't feel like messing with dydns or having my own domain, just something like what i have now with more space - right now all i have 10 MB.

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    Re:decent site to have a home page

    Dont' know about your ISP but mine allows 7 mails address and 10MB per account quota. So I can have 70 MB total. Since I run my own mail server and download mail every 5 minutes from my ISP, space had been no issue for me. May be you should look into it. Also I run my own web server so all is good.

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    Re:decent site to have a home page

    Check this.
    It belongs to a friend of mine. I think is a pretty good offer for $5/month.
    I have my site hosted there (currently only a gallery, as I have been busy.)

    You can check my site here, in case you want to see performance.

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    Re:decent site to have a home page

    Private message me and we'll talk.

    Since its small I will probobly just host it on my home server, my uptime records on it are good, but in a couple days its going to be down for a bout a day as I upgrade it to an amd64. as far as my bandwidth, i average 560Kb/s either direction..

    On the other hand if you want a professional service, with email, I will have a hosting service soon. like within a few weeks. this is on a rented server, not a home connection

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    Re:decent site to have a home page

    I could also possibly arrange something if you PM me. The box won't be Linux, but FreeBSD. And there might be a short period of downtime next month while we switch IP blocks after getting a new provider (DS3 is getting installed).

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    Re:decent site to have a home page

    hey thanks all.

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