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Thread: The secret of the stars

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    The secret of the stars

    Ok, I admit it: I do not know what is the difference between the golden stars and the green stars on top of the Karma.

    Can anyone explain to me the difference?

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    Re:The secret of the stars

    It corresponds with member groups. Moderators have green stars and normal users appear to have the golden ones. There should also be a difference in the number of stars between like LJr Newbie and Grand Club Member.

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    Re:The secret of the stars


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    Re:The secret of the stars

    No problem the only reason I know is because I run a forum similar to YaBBSE

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    Re:The secret of the stars

    Yeahm, the stars correspond to number of posts made by that member and also with member status. IIRC, LJR incremental is like 50, 100, 200, 500 and 1000. Once you past 1000 mark, Cloverm manually add you as "Grand Club Member" AKA "no-lifers club".

    Green stars are for moderators and red stars are for forum admins. Like yourself, when you are not a mod of this forum, you don't get green stars. Green stars only appear on forums that you are a mod. On this board, only Cloverm has red stars since he is the only admin on this board.

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