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Thread: ATI mobility 9000 Unidentified!

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    ATI mobility 9000 Unidentified!

    just recently switch my laptop from FC2 to Suse Pro 9.1 .... and found out that my VC is a non 3d accelerated HW ... although identified as an ATI VC but not exactly as mobility 9000 ... :cry: :cry: :cry: I cant play my 3d games smoothly.. pero before on FC2 identified man siya as ATI Mobility 9000!

    Any idea how can I port/convert or migrate the FC2 driver to Suse?
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    ATI mobility 9000 Unidentified!

    try using fglx drivers for ATI cards or why not use ATI's drivers from their site?

    ... and it seems that ATI has less support for linux, that's why, im switching to NVidia :-)

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    ATI mobility 9000 Unidentified!

    @ sachem .. sir tried thier driver but my x will no longer load! :x :x :x hmmm maybe ill just switch back to my FC2 and play AA again :P
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    ATI mobility 9000 Unidentified!

    After X no longer loads, you'll need to edit your xfree86-config if I remember correctly ... unless you've switched to, but the files to edit should be similar. I don't run a desktop at home, but I'll take a look at my configs at school and get back to you.
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