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Thread: Google goes for a slice of MS pie

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    Google goes for a slice of MS pie

    Microsoft has warned that it's preparing a Google killer in the form of a better search tool. But while MSN fine-tunes its algorithms, Google has struck at the heart of Windows with a beta release tool to search PC desktops.

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    Did anyone notice that the Logo for this tool are the same colors as the windows logo?

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    Re:Google goes for a slice of MS pie

    Hhhmm, that would be interesting ....

    After Netscape's horrible lost, MS regard this as the extension of the new browser war. The majority of Netscape's failure lied within Netscape's management rather than MS's attack. Netscape was bleeding Engineering team wise way before they disintegrate.

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    Re:Google goes for a slice of MS pie

    I am honestly wondering if Google is going to start laying some things out to compete with microsoft in some other areas.

    Like, take a few years and slowly develop some software that has nicer/more powerful features then Microsoft. Google desktop seems to me to be something to laugh at the windows "Find"

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