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Thread: Wow.. I see nothing has changed..

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    Wow.. I see nothing has changed..

    Been a while since ive posted here, ive been pretty busy so *shrug*

    Seems like for the most part the same old crowd that's been here back when I was a commoner.

    Seems my account was messed with a bit while I was gone, rotated my password, and updated my profile, whatever. Curious as to who did it though...


    Now that that parts over with, what do you guys think of google desktop?

    I noticed it does exactly as its told. It caches things. Including emails sent.

    Used properly it makes searching your files a breeze

    Used evily it makes spying on people equally as evil.

    Just be smart if you use it so it doens't nail you.

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    Re:Wow.. I see nothing has changed..

    Welcome back.

    You just about covered what we think of google's new desktop.

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