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Thread: Kuake and screen, good combination

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    Kuake and screen, good combination

    Don't let the name fool you. This is actually a console for KDE. The great thing about it is, it mimics the functionality of the old Quake style dropdown console. So if I need it I just hit my handy hot-key and it drops down. When I don't need it anymore I, hot-key, gone. I further enhance its functionality by using screen in conjunction with it. So now it doesn't matter which virtual desktop I am using, I always have a bash shell at my fingertips.


    Couldn't find a link to anything more that the online man page for screen.
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    Yeah, I tried using Kuake before, and dont get me wrong its cool, its just hard for me to get used to, I would wind up with my normal 100 terminal windows open anyway

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