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Thread: md5sum's diffrent on windows

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    md5sum's diffrent on windows

    A client application I am writing needs to make use of md5sums. Problem is that windows gives me a diffrent md5sum for the same file that mac os x and Linux give agree on. The actual file does have a few more charecters (for some odd reason) and it seems to happen on every downloaded file. Any ideas what these charecters are and why they are messing up my md5sums ... and more importantly how to remove them?

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    Re:md5sum's diffrent on windows

    Could it be from the CR\LF stuff?

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    Re:md5sum's diffrent on windows

    [quote author=Countach44 link=board=25;threadid=9882;start=0#msg89600 date=1097764055]
    Could it be from the CR\LF stuff?

    Very possibly. I'm not sure how to check for it though.

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    Re:md5sum's diffrent on windows

    Yup that was it. Files MUST be written in binary mode on windows when transfering via HTTP.

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