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Thread: U.S. Funds Chat-Room Surveillance Study

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    U.S. Funds Chat-Room Surveillance Study

    I find this article to be very interesting. Will big brother be watching us? Does it affect other countries chatroom servers?

    What do you think?

    Amid the torrent of jabber in Internet chat rooms - flirting by QTpie and BoogieBoy, arguments about politics and horror flicks - are terrorists plotting their next move?

    The government certainly isn't discounting the possibility. It's taking the idea seriously enough to fund a yearlong study on chat room surveillance under an anti-terrorism program.

    A Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute computer science professor hopes to develop mathematical models that can uncover structure within the scattershot traffic of online public forums.

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    Re:U.S. Funds Chat-Room Surveillance Study

    No question, big brother is watching EVERY move you make right now. It's just a matter of making it visible to you.

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