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Thread: SMP related issue

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    SMP related issue

    we are using Dual processor machine
    we installed Redhat Linux 8.
    when you see the cpu status on the machine it shows 100.1%
    but the another CPU's usage is 0.1%

    How to share the load between these 2 cpu?
    because still we are losing the effort of 2 CPU


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    Re:SMP related issue


    I have never seen that issue. However, after a quick Google search, I found this link:

    According to it, the 2.4 kernel does not handle that very well. An option included on the link is to try the newer 2.6.x kernel, which is supposed to fo a better job in sharing the load.

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    Re:SMP related issue

    I don't run SMP machines so I have no idea too.

    But when I was following DCs heavily, I've heard that you can assign an instance of process to use specific CPUs and that there is a way to assign via CLI. So in effect, you are running two instances of the program instead of running one instance and processing with two CPUs.

    Another idea is switch to SMP enabled kernels and/or Enterprise Server version of Red Hat instead of professional version. Both version have (almost) the same kind of softwares but the tuning of services are different ( or so I've heard ).

    BTW, why are you creating poll when you are not polling?

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    Re:SMP related issue

    Are you using a SMP kernel? 2.4 did smp fine for me... still does at work on RH AS boxes.

    do "cat /proc/cpuinfo" and see if it reports 1 or 2 cpus. What does the bios say about them? Also, top may show both cpus as one number by default... check that as well.

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