Hi guys and gals,

After seeing how my bro's work gets screwed over with MS licencing fees. I thought that maybe I can startup a little linux business on the side with a friend of mine.

I want to get some of your advice. What I want to do is to provide small organizations with linux solutions. For example, if a dentist office wants to have a file server then for me to go in there and set them up with a box with samba. Or if the local church wants to setup an e-mail server then for me to go in and get them on a postfix e-mail server.

Know I have played around with my computers and have managed to setup all sort of servers. But it has been when I have had the time to mess with my box. So I am no where near and expert.

So what do you guys suggest should I get some training or get certified or should I set all my customers with Redhat enterprise or something of the sort.

What you guys think? Hope it makes sense.