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Thread: Upgrading Gnome

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    Upgrading Gnome

    Hello all,

    I wish to upgrade my Gnome from 2.6 (was installed by the Slackware install) to the released 2.8. I would like to know if there is a site that would show me what to do step by step. I am a Windows type trying to move over into Linux. I am used to just running a install, I know this is not the case with Linux so specific step by step instructions would be great so I can learn.


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    Re:Upgrading Gnome

    I would suggest installing Garnome, and then install it to install Gnome 2.8.

    If you want to do it the "Slackcare" way, I would suggest waiting on someone to port Gnome into Slack packages.

    Or goto this site: Tchelinux Slackware Packages for Gnome 2.8, but Im assuming they dont have the Slackware stamp of approval.

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    Re:Upgrading Gnome

    There is a custom version of Gnome for Slackware, called Dropline Gnome.
    Shebang just reported today that they release version 2.8. I'd say check their site. They have apackage you can download that will take care of downloading, installing and configuring all required files.

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