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Thread: /home or /home/username in fstab?

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    /home or /home/username in fstab?

    Hi guys,

    I have my /home on a seperate partition. After installing a few different distros along side it, I noticed that a lot of configuration files were saved on /home, and also /home/username, which created a lot of confusion and some problems. So I decided to delete all hidden files from both /home and /home/username (a lot of the files were the same, just from different distros) and reinstall linux.

    This time around I mounted /home before my install, and now have a fresh gentoo install with a user account at /home/username.

    I'm trying to prevent hidden files from appearing all over the place, and only want them to appear on my own account at /home/username, so I was wondering if I need to have /home/username as a mountpoint in fstab, or if /home suffices.


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    Re:/home or /home/username in fstab?

    use fstab only to mount independent file systems, e.g. partitions, nfs...
    i do have a /home/ and a /home/pbharris/ - but each is a seperate partition.

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    Re:/home or /home/username in fstab?

    Whatever Paul said plus use only /home for fstab unless you are specifying separate partition for specific purposes.

    For example, if you want the whole partition /hdc ( the master on secondary IDE ) to be used only for /home/yourname, then you would use /home/yourname as your mount point in fstab.

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    Re:/home or /home/username in fstab?

    Oops, well, I have a seperate partition just for my home directory, but I have it as /home under fstab. Seems to work fine though.

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