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Thread: Firefox crashed 17 times!

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    Firefox crashed 17 times!

    Today, it crashed 17 times! It seems when I load a site with images (i loaded a site with wallpapers and screenshots:,, it crashes. I was using the 1.0PR Release.

    Anyone had this problem?

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    Re:Firefox crashed 17 times!

    I don't remember firefox crashing on me ever...

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    Re:Firefox crashed 17 times!

    I've had a problem, every now and again, with it suddenly closing itself when I click on a link, picture, or program. Other than that, it's been fast and quite awesome.


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    Re:Firefox crashed 17 times!

    I was using windows and I had Visual C++ open, so it automatically debugged and said it was an integer exception, attempting to divide by zero.

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    Re:Firefox crashed 17 times!

    I posted a thread on this on the gentoo forums a week back, and got like 100 responses from people with similar problems. Mine would always crash when logging into Gmail. I fixed it by getting rid of tabbrowser extensions, so try go get rid of all your extensions and see if it works.
    I think smome people solved it by fixing their fonts in xorg.conf too.

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