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Thread: I survived a Tsunami

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    I survived a Tsunami

    Hello guys,

    As you all know, I am at present living inh the city of chennai. This was also affected in the fact, after Srilanka the worst affected was my state, Tamil Nadu.

    In the morning at around 6.30 I felt the tremors for about 10 secs, then when I noticed that it didn't continue went back to sleep. My friend was sleeping near me and he didn't even wake up for it I though of waking him up, but since it subsided I also started sleeping. For the record, I was playing around with my system and watching movies that I went to sleep only then 8)

    I am staying in Adyar, which is about 2 kms from the coast line. I slept on till about 11 when I started getting calls from my parents(who are in Coimbatore, which is in the centre of Tamil Nadu away from any coast) and other relatives asking if I'm alright....I was first confused thinking that they were asking about the tremours, but then I learnt from them that the sea is coming inside the city. I told them that since I am staying in a third floor flat, I didn't know...after that my friend who is working in ABN Amro came to my roms and we both went to see what happened.

    The police had cordoned off the area and so we had to walk to that....and what a site. Marina beach is the largest beach in the world, and that is what saved Chennai. It is about 1/2 km wide in even the area, and so it acted as a buffer....but we couldn't even see it...there was so much water. The huts near the sea were missing and also we heard that many people in the beach were washed away into the sea. We could even see some bodies, cars and huts floating in the water.... and finally the cops came and asked every one to move. This was because we were interfering with the relief work....

    Me and my friends gave 1/4th of our salary this month for the relief fund.....but we feel that is not enough :roll:

    If it had come during the evenings, then the toll in Chennai itself would have been more than 2 lacs, as almost 3-5 lac people spend their time in the beach...that too in wekends....

    And finally....every one who are reading please try and donate some thing to RedCross or someother institution.....


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    I'm planning on donating through the redcross.

    As UG Said, donate! But donate through anyone other than the UN.

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    glad your ok, we weren't really sure if you had something happen or if it was just infastructure problems, or you just didn't want to come online

    i'm planning on donating to RC as well, but i have to wait until the .edu loans come in because i don't have any $$$ whatsoever right now.

    Best of wishes

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    Glad to hear you made it ok. Donated via Amazon, good to have you back.
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