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    CD Burning


    Got two questions for you.

    One: Is there away to check a blank cd to see if its in goodshape or not?

    Two: Is there away to like compare the md5sum of your iso to your burnt cds?

    I've been burning all these cds when I run the media tester in FC3-test2 it tells me it fails. So all my cds could be fscked or my toaster is dying.

    BTW anyon has any good recomendation for good cdrws?


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    Re:CD Burning

    I don't know the answer for the two questions but I burnt FC3- Test 2 on a Memorex CD-R from the mirror and it's fine.

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    Re:CD Burning

    Check to see if you padded the cd/dvd. I just use default settings, but i forget if you are to or not to pad. That has been an issue known to cause md5 errors. The cd is fine, just since there are zeroes there, a new md5. Check the RHML to see if anyone posted the md5's for the "wrongly burnt" cd's

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    Ok Now I burned a CDR instead of a cdrw. Fedora still gives me the same message.

    So I've burnt 5 cds and all fail.

    I've gone ahead an gone throught the install but before it starts installing packages it freezes.

    Ok now I have nuked my system. Left with only windows.

    Well I'guess I'll try to get Fedora installed tommorrow on my day off. All else fails I can install FC2.

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    Re:CD Burning

    Sorry to hear that... FC2 never froze on me and i've installed it on various machines... what packages does it freeze on... and have you tried to d/l from a different mirror or's mirror ?

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    Re:CD Burning

    I remember another thread about someone else with problems with his iso images for fedora. I ended up mailing him some cd's.
    Maybe a bad mirror?

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    Re:CD Burning

    md5sum matches up with the iso. My burner could be getting bad or all my media is bad. Maybe I have an ID ten t issue.

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    Re:CD Burning

    Well, if you want, I can download the iso's and mail them to you. Perhaps that would work.

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    Re:CD Burning

    I finally got it to work trikster. But I got stuck somewhere else. I will prob stick to FC2 for now :-\ Till FC3 is out.

    Maybe not maybe I'll give a diff distro a try. Why not have had like 5 distros in the last month..

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