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This happened when I installed Ubuntu - as I say, strange but probably not related..

Sorry about your monitor

Yeah, and I can't afford a new one since my welfare check hasn't arrived, the governemt wants a refund on my education scholarship.. oh and my rent was increased this week.. and all my clothing is worn out so I have walk around in shorts or naked (and it's approaching freezing winter here).. Life just isn't always peachy, but at least my gf has a old monitor at her mothers place that we are having transported up here and I have an old laptop with a bum battery to play with while I wait.

And Saterday, I fully plan to win the lottery - those 4-5million USD will hit a dry spot..

I hate it when this happens, but at least it didn't explode and hurt anyone, or burn down the apartment like my sister-in-laws TV did a couple of years ago (they escaped unharmed since the TV exploded instead of burning slowly like those things normally do, if it hadn't they would not be around today, so keep those TVs OFF, not on standby during the night okay, saves you money and just might save your life)

Anyways on paper Ubuntu looks great, and I can't wait to see how it performs but in a controlled environment and not on my hardware