Installed ubuntu over a week ago, so far so good. Didn't know about that rootless schpill so I got in through grub, you know safe mode or whatever. In single user mode set user password and everythings is fine.

Only thing about ubuntu is that the Xorgs xv module doesn't seem to work too well. For instance when playing back video with the xv driver the video will display a blank image. Other than that this is the perfect distro for me. Plays very well with my old hardware, I'm getting respectable (~30+)fps on zsnes as where slackware I got ~20 fps.

Definitely check Ubuntu out, if you're looking for a working desktop straight out of the box. Ubuntu comes with bleeding edge apps, GNOME 2.8, 1.1, Linux 2.6.8 kernel, Firefox 1.0, Gaim 1.0, etc. Overall a good distro, with some minor quirks.