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Thread: Default first RAM address?

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    Default first RAM address?

    Is there a standard "starting" point for RAM addressess? Eventually in class I will have to right a program to display the contents of ram, and I was wanting to get a jump on it. ???

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    Re:Default first RAM address?

    Usually depends on the processor you're using, as well as whether or not you're loading any sort of boot ROM on to the board.

    I did some assembly on a Motorola Coldfire processor a few years back and my school had put a basic boot ROM on to the board...starting address was 0x10000. However last year my school performed massive upgrades to Coldfire2 processors and put a modified Janus boot ROM on the system so user addressable memory started at 0x101000.

    You mentioned that this is for a class? Your best resource would be the prof, or the lab guy who administers the boards.

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    Re:Default first RAM address?

    depending on how the chip selects are mapped will affect the RAM location, if it is for PC style hardware i thinks it is at 0x00100000

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