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Thread: starting pcmcia at boot?

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    starting pcmcia at boot?


    this is not a big problem at all but i was curious. i have fedora core 1 installed on my laptop with an smc 2632W wireless card. at boot i get the error that says its initilaizing but it(the module) isnt present for the wireless card. then a few steps later, pcmcia loads and boom, the lights start flickering and i can get an ip and do what i need to do when i log in. is there a way to start pcmcia BEFORE eth0 and eth1 are brought up at boot? tia

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    Re:starting pcmcia at boot?

    hey SD!
    cd to /etc/rc5.d/ and then do a ln -s ../init.d/pcmcia S98pcmcia - hopefully all the module dependcies ahve been worked out by then, also, if you haven't done so lately run depmod -a

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    Re:starting pcmcia at boot?

    hey man

    i ran the command for that symlink and depmod too but its basically the same thing. at boot eth0 and eth1 hit before pcmcia. no biggie if this cant be done but it would be cool. thx paul

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    Re:starting pcmcia at boot?

    ah - try a mv S98pcmcia S04pcmcia - that way it will start before network, or maybe move network to some place past pcmcia

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