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Thread: recipe for fun

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    recipe for fun

    You take 24 10th graders without Linux experience, a few copies of Fedora Core 2, 4 unprepared LUG representatives, one half broken projector - let simmer for 2 days.

    Tired new Linux users, and an insane amount of bug reports on odd hardware meets FC2 installer.

    And yes aside resizing NTFS partitions when needed and handling stuff like mp3, video and mouting ntfs partition the kids did it by themselves, those tasks are still a bit hairy for newbies so we helped a bit - but I'm quite proud of them they stuck with the program and not one of them complained even the poor girl (blond in picture 2) who had to reinstall 8 times due to making her Linux partition to small and having hardware problems, was patient till the end.
    End result was 4-6 full convertees, the rest wasn't overtly impressed or didn't make up their minds yet. Not a single one requested help to removing Linux though, so that's a good sign.

    For added fun I gave a small demo of FC3 by syncing with Development, everyone was very impressed by HAL and the new version of gaim (buddy icons seemed to be a big deal to them).

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    Re:recipe for fun

    That, sir, kicks much ass.
    I commend you, Lovechild, on a job well done!

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    Re:recipe for fun

    Why not make it a specatacle, then you would convert the world.

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    Re:recipe for fun

    OMG Pink Floyd is teh awesome.

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    Re:recipe for fun

    oOoOOO some linux chix ;D

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    Re:recipe for fun

    Would be cool if someone would do something like that on my school.

    And yes, the blond girl is nice

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    Re:recipe for fun

    I forgot to introduce the people:

    The guy behind the hot blonde is Martin Williemoes Hansen who works on Mono (Maintains DiaCanvas# amongst other things) and he works the danish translation effort, I swear he never sleeps.

    The bearded guy is Barran (Real name is Henning I think.. I just grew accustomed to calling him Barran) from the Gentoo Forums, the other guy in that photo is a member of our LUG, not currently involved in any projects I think - His name is Lars.

    Leaving me out of the mix, because, I'm not in any of the photos for some reason.. I was probably busy converting people... Better this way, I'm fat and ugly.

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