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Thread: WinLinux boot problem

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    WinLinux boot problem

    I am a total newbie who has just installed WinLinux 2003 over Win 98se, and I am seeing some really peculiar bootup behavior:

    (#1 = good) WinLinux boots up normally from the boot floppy.

    (#2 = bad) lilo was supposed to have been installed but I see no evidence of any boot manager; if I start the machine without the boot disk it goes straight to Windoze.

    (#3 = ugly) if I double-click the Windoze desktop shortcut which is supposed to reboot the machine into Linux, the Linux bootup sequence starts and then hangs somewhere in the middle.

    I don't really care about the shortcut but I really would like to be able to dual-boot.

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    Re:WinLinux boot problem

    hello - welcome to linux junior.

    do you have a file called /etc/lilo.conf ?

    If not, then you will need to create it - here is a nice HOW-TO - aka - PET

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