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Thread: Paltalk & Wine

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    Paltalk & Wine

    Does anybody here visit the site, If so, have you tried running it from Wine or some other program similar to wine?

    If you did, how did you set it up? I've never used wine or similar before.


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    Re:Paltalk & Wine

    There was a thread abou this on this board, though I can't find it. I remember reading some versions of it ran under wine. Have you googled it?

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    Re:Paltalk & Wine

    Thanks for the reply, Trickster. Now I have more questions. I installed Wine and is trying to configure it to work with paltalk.

    Does wine work with NTFS filesystem? Or should I create the fake Windows drive? Will it have problems trying to write to NTFS if it needs the registry?

    *** Update ***
    It seems to me this may need Win98. I keep getting Wine exit with status 1 message.


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    Re:Paltalk & Wine

    You are more likely to have a succesful Wine if you create a fake Windows directory. I have never done it using the files from my Windows installation. In fact, i used WineTools to set up the fake windows for me. However, it seems that Wine Tools is broken for newer versions of Wine. They are working on a fix.

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    Re:Paltalk & Wine

    I seem to have it working but need to do some fine tuning to some aspects of the Paltalk side.

    I can get the chat windows but I don't see the boxes to use to type messages. Their not visible to me. I can hear if someone is using the voice chat. My son broke my mic so I can't use voice chat to talk. It also seems the config file don't stay updated, it keeps asking me to configure it when I start paltalk.

    Thnx again.

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