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Thread: Need Knoppix

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    Need Knoppix

    I am hoping there is a kind soul out there who would be kind enough to send me a knoppix cd.
    I'm in a treatment center for PTSD and all their computer's run win2000 > (It's amking me even crazier :P)
    Message me if you can and I'll give you the address. Thank you.

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    Re:Need Knoppix

    we have a thread in "flea market" for this, but I'm sure some one can provide you with a live cd of Linux.

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    Re:Need Knoppix

    PM me.

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    Re:Need Knoppix

    Thanks Trickster, I really appreciate you doing that for me.

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    Re:Need Knoppix

    I can put it on our ftp sevrer and provide you witht he download.....

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