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Thread: aMSN installation

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    aMSN installation

    hey hey

    Another question, i downloaded a bin file for aMSN "amsn-0.90-installer.bin".
    I typed in the terminal:
    ..Then it went to the graphical installation process. I installed it into a folder in the opt/aMSN folder, as it was defaulted. It left an icon on my desktop, when I clock on it, it won't run! Is there a command that i can type to run it manually?


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    Re:aMSN installation

    Hello I haven't used amsn in a long time, but you can run the program by specifiing the command in a terminal. For instance /path/to/program:

    In your case it would be /opt/amsn/amsn or something, look it up with a file manager should be under /opt/amsn. You may also be able to fire it up with a filemanager if you're lucky.

    Also you may want to give gaim a try, which supports msn, aim, Y!, and many others.

    Anyhow enjoy your stay on GNU/Linux, all this stuff will come to you once your used to this operating system. In the meantime good luck, and welcome.

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    Re:aMSN installation

    thanks dude.

    Linux has been nothing but a joy to use, and I think I will start using it as my main OS from now on. It surely pisses on Windows.


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    Re:aMSN installation

    hey hey
    I installed gaim, the .RPM produces similar results..

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    Re:aMSN installation

    Are you sure it's installed? Take a look at your mplayer post for instructions on using yum. "yum install gaim" should do the trick for sure. Gaim has always worked for me (and should be included in the default FC2 install).

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    Re:aMSN installation

    The executable its called amsn too

    check that directory you installed amsn in is in your path with
    echo $PATH

    the executable should be in /opt/usr/bin


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    Re:aMSN installation

    I forget does yum do a 'ldconfig' ? That may be what is needed. Or reboot.

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    Re:aMSN installation

    Oh yeah almost forgot to add, you can find any of the binary files by running 'whereis binary'. For instance:

    whereis gaim
    That will generate a list of locations, where your binary (executable) can be found. Also you can use the 'locate' command to find almost any file on your hard drive, excluding hidden files (depending how locate is configured). However you may have to build it's database before you use it.

    Just keep at it, you'll get it.

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