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Thread: school class size

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    school class size

    What is the average size(number of kids) in your child(s)
    classroom. I heard this year my daughter's will be 34. Do you think that is too many and if so what would be a better number(size) I, heard that the classroom size should be around 24!

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    Re:school class size

    I'd say 35 is max. But then again, in this case less is more.

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    Re:school class size

    i go to a relatively small university, so my class size is no more than 35. shit my communications class was only 14. :

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    Re:school class size

    my kids (ages 6 & 8 ) have class sizes around 27 students per teacher, plus they have student helpers.

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    Re:school class size

    It just depends on school district to district. Two of my nieces classes are from 27 to 30.

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    Re:school class size

    in gradeschool the size is set by law to be max 30, I think the same applies to highschool, higher education only seem to be limited by fire regulations and the government seems to have some say in how many people are let in each year, they are paying afterall - but if your grades are good enough you should be let in regardless - we started 90 people in my college class, which was okay, at this age we have mostly learned to show up on time and shout up.

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    Re:school class size

    I came from a graduating class of 56 abouts... in Elementary school we had none of 20 to a class, 3 teachers per grade... the biggest I've seen is 31 freshman in one class. I was the TA for it since the class was horrible... anyhow... I think 35 should definately be the max! Smaller would be much better but... sometimes the school just can't accommodate that.

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    Re:school class size

    All through school, a small class was just under 25, a large class was just over 30, absolute max 35. Worked out well.

    Now I have a lecture with 500 people

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